Why us?

A realistic view of our capabilities

blooming international´s goal is to provide our customers with quality products from trusted sources and carefully selected suppliers; customize and even develop product and packaging; find the best freight and date of arrival, always with the best cost / benefit ratio.

Our commitment is to be competitive in prices and services; to act allways with loyalty, integrity and honesty; and to contribute with money, services ans products to help starving people all over the world.

Our vision is to be widely recognised as a trustworthy provider of excellent quality food which supports producers and customers from all nations.

Besides, we have very low running costs which means we are always competitive. Our small, capable team will take into account your specific needs of pricing, packaging, freighting and arrival dates. Our team can develop a whole new brand, or design labels and packaging for any existing one. Finally, blooming international is proud to be renowned for being trustworthy and reliable in every single country we have ever worked in


Fabio Barbosa and a cliente - China - 2014


Fabio Barbosa and Cris Gennari - Sial Paris - 2016