About us

A solid experience in food products

blooming international was founded in Sao Paulo, Brazil, in 2001. Our first sale was a single pallet of hamburguer bags to Spain. The first product with our brand was the corned beef BLOOM, developed to Dubai. Our first great client taht is still working with us is from Angola.

In 2007 we opened our first international office in London, and were able to enlarge our clientele with excellent ease due to the quality of our products.
The second brazilian office has been opened in Fortaleza in 2009. This put blooming international in a strong position to deal with north and northeast fruits and seafood to Africa, Asia and Europe. In 2016 in order to further develop our range of  fruits we opened our second international office in Valéncia, Spain.

We intend to continue expanding the products we export and at the same time grow our client base. We will always remain true to our principles, ethic values and honesty.


Setting up Blooming international València - January 2016

São Paulo

Fabio Barbosa and Cris Gennari - São Paulo - October 2012